Application Instructions

Governor’s Square complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act. Governor’s Square Apartments does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status or disability, or any other basis protected by applicable state, Federal or local fair housing laws. To insure that the application process goes quickly and smoothly; we are providing you with a list of items that will be necessary to complete your file. In order for us to process your application, the following items must be provided for each applicant:

  • The application must be filled out completely and signed.
  • Provide your three most recent pay stubs or income statements from your employer. If you are starting new employment, please provide an offer letter including your start date and salary.
  • Bank statements or tax returns are required if you are self employed.
  • SSI/Disability/Pension statements/child support/alimony verifications are required if listed as additional income on application.
  • A Photo ID is required in the form of a current driver’s license or passport.
  • A Social Security card and or similar tax ID document verification is required.
  • A holding deposit of $300/$350 is required to hold the apartment off the market.
  • An application fee of $35 per applicant over the age of 18 is required.
  • Applications will not be processed until all fees and the deposit are paid.

Criteria for Approving Applicants:

  • Combined gross income must be two and a half (2.5) times the monthly rent amount.
  • All applicants must have good rental history. And additional deposit may be required if there is no verifiable rental history.
  • All applicants must have good credit history. And additional deposit will be required if the applicant has no established credit.
  • Any negative credit, past or present, will be evaluated and entered into consideration, which may result in a higher security deposit or denial.

Prices and availability of units, and associated fees, are subject to change without notice.